Our Annual Dinner

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The club’s annual dinner returns after a break of more than a decade, where the large Baabdawi family in all its aspects and directions gathered to witness a new and promising beginning for the club with a young and ambitious administrative board. 

During the evening, president Ramy Harika presented honoring trophies to, the founder and former president of the club and honorary president Shawki Fayad, the mayor Mr. Antoine Helou, the architect of the new center project Mr. Fadi Moukarzel, an Mr. Najib Habib Fayad for his pledge to allow the use of the club’s land. 

 With all enthusiasm and pride, the new vision with new plans for the future were announced, and the project to establish an additional and modern sports complex was launched under the patronage of Baabda Municipality, which includes facilities and sections designated for people with special needs, out of our belief that sports are one of the most sacred rights of all society segments. Thus, the vision of the new board is committed to developing the club’s main mission since day one, and is faithful to the dream of its founder, which is gathering all people of the town as well as the neighborhood, with their various affiliations and orientations, around sports and its unifying spirit, all in one space.

Moreover, our new website was also launched, which constitutes the main official space for all information, news, and the latest accomplishments, with details about the club’s history, its achievements, its current board, and future goals, in addition to several ways to communicate directly and more easily with the administration, such as e-mail, phone numbers and WhatsApp, in addition to a detailed map leading to our court.

  In order to continue keeping pace with all communication technologies and connecting to all generations through all modern channels, we announced our presence on the main social media networking platforms, which allows us to have easier and more flexible rapprochement and interaction with the club’s followers.

 This remarkable evening included a musical entertaining program performed by Joseph Issa, in addition to a bunch of endless prizes where almost everyone won. It was an amazing event marked by a warm and friendly atmosphere among all, which everyone admitted has been missed for quite long years.


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